About us

The Mobility Solutions project is supported by Radim Kadlec, freelancer and external associate of Zebra Technologies UK (formerly Motorola Solutions UK) and platinum partner of Wavelink Corporation.
The project also includes his wife Dagmar, who is in charge of the administration, accounting and business agenda.



  • Industrial mobile terminals with Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Android OS - configuration, implementation, consultation
  • Zebra / Symbol Wireless Networks (formerly Motorola) - Configuration, Implementation, Tutorial
  • Complete business and technical support for Wavelink software
  • Mobile device management systems: Motorola MSP, Wavelink Avalanche, SOTI MobiControl - configuration, implementation, consultation
  • Development of MCL applications for memory and wireless sensors MT2000 series symbol
  • Zebra / Symbol product portfolio management

We provide professional services for enterprise mobility with a focus on Zebra / Symbol and Wavelink products. We want to address system integrators, partners and customers of Zebra Technologies (formerly Motorola Solutions) and Wavelink to help them implement mobile devices, wireless networks and remote management systems.

Emphasis is placed on the simple, fast and quality deployment of supported devices and software. We provide qualified pre-sales and post-sales support.


Zebra (Motorola Solutions)

certificate zebra android small certificate zebra tc51 tc56 small certificate zebra tc70 tc75 small Certifikát Zebra TC8000Certifikát Zebra WT41N0
WLAN Assessment Certificate ADSP Assessment Certificate WLAN Enablement Certificate WLAN Controllers Certificate RFS4000 Certificate


Wavelink Device Management Certificate Wavelink Streaming Applications Certificate Wavelink Naurtech Certificate Wavelink Sales Certificate certificate wavelink speakeasy small

Extreme Networks

Certificate Extreme Authorized Partner 


Ideal is when mutual cooperation begins at the moment of the generation of customer demand:

  • Help with the design of the components, preparation of the documents for the tender, etc.
  • We recommend who to contact for hardware and software purchases
  • We make a presentation of end-user solutions

The most important is the technical support:

  • Preparation and custom configuration of mobile units, wireless infrastructure, remote administration system
  • Testing process
  • Start of the productive system

We also offer a paid product management service where we will process news and information on Zebra Enterprise Mobility (PMB) products for a monthly fee and distribute them electronically in Czech language. This includes support for free phone product consultation.

Benefits of Collaboration

  • Time perspective: you do not have to study specific issues
  • Financial perspective: a favorable price for a specialist paid only for the time spent in his work, eventually. for a particular project
  • Cooperation with a view to the future: Of course, there is the possibility to cooperate on a long-term basis on the basis of a contract setting out the conditions of mutual relations (price, volume and type of activities); It is also possible to order a one-time intervention or support for your particular project - in which case we will be happy to prepare a quotation in advance

In case of your interest, please fill in and send the contact form.